Thursday, 5 October 2017

Brad's Choice Pics 4 - The Face Of Steam

The Face of Steam

A couple of years back I took my Wednesday Disabilities group to the local Rail Heritage Museum in Goulburn, my home town. This image turned out to be my favourite from the demo pics I took that morning when showing the students how to use their smartphones and compact cameras to get better composition.

Like most of my students I was using a mobile phone, at that time my old iPhone 5S, which I have to say is still a pretty damned fine instrument, considering you can carry it in your pocket ready for action at any time.

The Rail Heritage museum is a terrific local attraction, and I run workshops there for "out of towers"  on occasions, in fact, I have two workshops coming up in January 2017.  The staff are terrific and as you might expect very passionate and knowledgeable about all things rail.

Anyhow, I love the repeating curves and composition of this pic, it's had some editing, of course, mainly to sharpen the details and blur the background, but nothing too radical. The loco is located in the main shed which is actually quite dark, but with a steady hold or tripod, you can generally get some pretty cool results.

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