Saturday, 7 October 2017

Brads' Choice Pics - Fog Squadron

Fog Squadron

I took this shot about 3 1/2 years ago, in fact, it is 3 shots composited.

Goulburn is often blanketed in early morning fog throughout Autumn and for years I've been a sucker for the fog, I usually take quite a few pics along the river banks and in town during the season.

The donor images here were captured on my old iPhone 4S, I carry a smartphone with me at all times, have done for years, but in this case, I was running a little workshop for some disabilities students on how to use your iPhone for photography. Looking along the river I noticed how the ducks kept coming in to land in small groups, then flying off again.

I figured if I could get a few shots from the same vantage point and stack them in Photoshop I could get a better effect that expressed the concept more fully and happily that's how it worked out.

The image is one I will print to canvas in the near future, I have just the spot for it.

The river, by the way, is actually called the Mulwaree Ponds, it is one of two rivers in my hometown of Goulburn NSW.

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