Thursday, 5 October 2017

Brad's Choice Pics 6 - Bursting Agapanthus

Last week I was given a terrific present by the Students and Staff at one of the organisations I've been providing training for over the past 10 years. A voucher for $100.00 to spend at the local Bunnings Hardware, just on the side I am little bit addicted to wandering the aisles of hardware stores looking for some DIY goodness and inspiration.

So what better to buy than a pair of folding double panelled battery powered LED 30 watt work lights.  The box claimed they had a really good CRI rating and were suitable for photography…..promising!  If they didn’t come up to photographic scratch I needed some new work lights anyway.

Back home and all excited about testing these babies I noticed that all our Agapanthus plants were about to burst into bloom, and I've always thought they were more interesting in the partial blooming state.

So here we have one of the test shots, and I’m pretty happy with the performance of these lights and also quite happy with the Agapanthus Portrait as well.

Tech specs?  Olympus EM5 mk2, Nikon 55mm f2.8 Micro,  f9,  RAW file extracted in RPP. 

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